Energy politics, strategies and financing

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To reach national, European and global energy and climate targets as well as achieve the energy transition, technical solutions are needed. However, these can only be implemented effectively if energy efficiency measures are taken. This calls for adapted strategies, financing concepts and a coherent policy framework.

Intensive networking with regional, national and international stakeholders, together with involvement in international energy efficiency initiatives, forms our basis for advancing the implementation of technical solutions. With the aid of the Energy Efficiency Index of the German industry, we also supply facts and figures to business and politics on the relevance, investments in and productivity of energy efficiency in German industry.

Possible ways of cooperation:

  • Impact studies on industrial energy efficiency programs in order to develop cost-effective business and financing models
  • Provision of objective and comparable information relevant to all industries to aid decision-making processes in politics, businesses, and project management companies
  • Evaluation and development of measures to eliminate obstacles hindering the implementation of energy efficiency measures in industry
  • Identification of pressing aspects, opportunities, and interdependencies relevant to politics, business and society regarding the energy transition, “energy union”, and climatic changes.
  • Impact studies on pilot, implementation and funding programs
  • Support with stakeholder processes concerned with energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Index of the German industry

How efficiently does the German industry manufacture goods as far as energy is concerned? How has this developed over the last few years? Where do individual businesses stand and what can they do to strengthen their competitiveness in this regard? Together with our partner – the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP) – we calculate the Energy Efficiency Index of the German industry every six months.