Virtual assembly

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When assembling several components, the deviations of the individual components accumulate, which can result in non-functional products. The goal of virtual assembly is the complete use of the recorded geometric measurement data of the components and the simulation of the assembly. Through this virtual approach, the quality of the assembly can be predicted prior to the real assembly and thus measures for quality optimization can be implemented.

Injection molded components exhibit geometric deviations that cause reduced assembly quality. By a geometric detection of components of an assembly and a suitable combination logic, those components can be assembled in an assembly for which the quality is maximized.

For this purpose, an inline measurement concept is implemented to capture relevant geometric features of the components. Point cloud processing is first used to simulate the virtual assemblies of the components involved. With a subsequent genetic optimization, the optimal combinations are identified with little computing time.

A demonstrator with sufficiently short measuring and computing times was successfully realized. The application case of a spray water nozzle was investigated.