Image and Signal Processing

The department “Image and signal processing” develops and implements innovative system solutions and applications for processing information that is related to technical processes. The focus of the department’s research and development work is on smart measurement and inspection systems, modern automation solutions and also assistive systems for the elderly. The department specializes in the intelligent, automated interpretation of image and sensor information to solve complex tasks. Applications range from 2D measuring and inspection systems (e.g. with image processing, thermography or ultrasound) through modern 3D measurement and inspection technology with computer tomography and optical 3D sensors (e.g. laser line sensors, 3D smart cameras, time-of-flight cameras etc. ) right up to 3D object recognition and scene analysis in automation technology (bin-picking, line-picking) as well as automatic recognition of emergencies and falls in the case of assistive systems.


Quality Assurance with 2D Image Processing

Zero-error production can often only be achieved by fully inspecting every single manufactured product. Non-contact image processing systems are highly-efficient and ideally suited for conducting such inspection tasks.


3D Measurement and Recognition

The ability to record large amounts of data at speed is rapidly advancing the use of 3D sensor technology in the manufacturing industry. In order to implement applications in measuring technology, object recognition and scene analysis, powerful and intelligent 3D image-processing methods are required.


Computer Tomography for Measurement and Inspection Applications

The use of computer tomography (CT) in quality assurance has decisive advantages. This is because CT is a non-destructive method that generates a complete 3D image of a component, including all internal geometric features and structures - materials testing and measurement in one dataset.


Quality Assurance with Thermography

We have developed a complex and highly-specialized inspection method based on the testing technologies of image processing and ultrasound as well as thermography with various forms of excitation. Sensor technology and analysis software are the key aspects of these solutions.


Quality Forecasting with Signal Processing

Digital signal analysis and quality forecasting aim at maximizing the use of process signals. A key aspect in this regard is the early identification of faulty process conditions. The methods developed are implemented in various branches of industry.



The department develops automation solutions for industrial tasks - from conceptual development through to the complete system. This approach ensures the swift transfer of the latest machine vision and signal processing methods to industrial practice.


Scene Analysis

In industrialized countries, the demographic change is causing the average age of society to increase. As a result, new challenges related to safety and social services need to be overcome. Innovative technical solutions based on sensors and actuators are called for.


Measurement Services

Our multi-sensor coordinate measuring system has an integrated computer tomograph as well as tactile and optical sensors. This enables a wide range of components to be inspected and quantitatively analyzed.