Human Safety - Recognizing Falls and Emergencies

To enable elderly people to live independently in familiar surroundings for longer, the department “Machine Vision and Signal Processing” has developed the autonomous and sensor-based security system sens@home, which automatically recognizes emergency situations and initiates the appropriate measures. The application of this system has since been extended to include work environments and production areas where safety is key.

With a combination of suitable 3-D sensor technologies and an intelligent unit to fuse and analyze motion sequence data, emergency situations, such as falls or immobility, are detected reliably and processed directly in a closed system. The target system requires the following features:

  • Touch-free, cost-effective and discreet.
  • Possibility of integrating hardware components into the existing environment.
  • Simple operation since this plays an important role as far as acceptance, data security and privacy are concerned.

Maximum coverage of emergencies in home or work environments with a minimum number of false alarms and unnecessary emergency calls.