Quality Assurance with 2D Image Processing

Quality assurance is becoming increasingly important. This is due to rising product diversity, shorter product cycles and lower product quantities combined with the demand for longer-lasting products with an increasing number of functions. Therefore, manufacturing companies have to carry out effective and extensive quality controls to ensure and demonstrate the fault-free function and durability of their high-quality components and products. The integration of additional complex functions into some components and the mounting precision and functionality of modern manufacturing technologies are also causing requirements to rise with regard to measuring and testing technologies as well as to the associated analysis software.


Image Processing Software EMSIS

The mass production of components calls for fast, cost-effective quality assurance solutions. EMSIS is a highly-versatile and adaptable software program for fully inspecting components with a non-contact image-processing technique.


Surface Inspection

Modern industrial image-processing methods are highly suitable for inspecting surfaces for defects. For this, Fraunhofer IPA offers a wide range of solutions, from analysis algorithms through to complete image-processing systems.


Inspecting Threads

When manufacturing components with threads and borings, critical defects may occur, such as nicks in the thread pitch, residual burrs in the thread, etc. An inspection system developed at Fraunhofer IPA reliably identifies these defects at the same speed as the manufacturing process itself.