2D image processing

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Due to growing product diversity, shorter product cycles and lower piece quantities coupled with rising demands on the function and lifespan of products, quality assurance is playing an ever-more important role. Manufacturing companies are therefore dependent on efficient and comprehensive quality controls in order to guarantee and prove the fault-free function and long service life of high-quality components or products. The integration of additional, complex functions into individual components, as well as the increasing precision and functional diversity of modern manufacturing technologies, are also raising the demands on measurement and testing technology and the corresponding analysis software. Both analytical and AI-based methods are used to solve the complex tasks.


EMSIS image processing software

High-volume component production calls for time-saving and cost-effective quality assurance solutions. EMSIS is a software for fully inspecting components via non-contact image processing and can be adapted to different requirements.


Surface inspection

Inspecting surfaces for defects is a task that can be performed very well using industrial image processing methods. Fraunhofer IPA offers a comprehensive range of solutions, from analysis algorithms to complete image processing systems.


Thread inspection

Critical defects can occur during the production of components with threads and bores, such as nicks in threads or residual chips in the thread. Thanks to an inspection system developed by Fraunhofer IPA, these defects can be detected via a full inspection during the production cycle.