Cell and Tissue Production for Screening Applications

Today, cell systems are just as indispensable to drug development as they are to the assessment of the risks of chemicals or cosmetics using non-animal testing methods. The demands placed on such model systems are becoming increasingly complex. For this reason and also due to individualization in drug research, the in vitro cell systems required are also becoming more complex. Whereas robust cell lines were used a few years ago, nowadays the use of stem cells, primary cells or 3D cell cultures has become more common. This trend looks set to continue and even accelerate in the future.

To avoid prolonged development times and quality problems when automating existing systems, we offer our planning, realization and testing expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis and automation-specific definition of manual protocols
  • Fast and practical testing of process functions
  • Planning, conception, design and realization of devices and systems
  • Independent selection and integration of commercial components
  • Testing and validation of automation lines
  • Solutions for isolation, passage, media change, culture vessels, environmental conditioning as well as 2D and 3D culture


  • Knowledge gained through research and industrial projects
  • Full access to existing infrastructures
  • The solution focuses on the application rather than on the device

We make your cells get a move on!

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