Single Cell Handling

The specific functions of individual cells are extremely important in diagnostics and when researching into treatment concepts. Such information can be obtained through analyses, such as single cell PCR or single cell sequencing. The function of specific genes can also be studied at single cell level; after gene modification, small cell colonies comprising identical cell clones need to be isolated.

Due to the accuracies and speeds required by today’s high-throughput bio-analytics, these processes can no longer be performed manually. To solve this dilemma, we develop technologies for handling steps at single cell level in order to make process sequences more robust and reproducible. Our expertise covers the following technologies:

  • Dispensing single cells in nanoliter droplets with the I-DOT technology at rates up to 1,000 cells per second
  • Picking cells and cell colonies
  • Device solutions for cell cloning and transfection

I-DOT – Immediate Drop on Demand Technology