Automated Laboratory Devices and Systems

Our tailored automation solutions for laboratory and biomanufacturing engineering applications offer adaptable, controlled and functionally-reliable processes with high availability.

Our technologies and expertise in automation, combined with our broad industrial knowledge concerning solutions for laboratory automation, make us an attractive partner when it comes to developing and manufacturing the next generation of automation solutions. We take on tasks ranging from automation planning, through the various stages of design up to the realization and start-up of turnkey devices and systems. We always aim to supply optimal, automated and validated processes.

If required, we will also plan and develop serial devices for you right up to pilot production. In such cases, at an early stage we identify and involve the suppliers you will be needing later on.


  • Fast, prompt availability of device solutions
  • Modular concepts aimed at enhanced adaptability
  • Implementation of the SiLA standard to enable rapid integration
  • Manufacturer-independent component selection
  • Automation solution from a single source, from the concept to the finished system
  • Compliance with relevant norms and guidelines, e.g. G(A)MP
  • State-of-the art technologies and more

Planning and Design

We plan and design devices and systems. The services we offer for this include process analyses, methodical concept development and advisory development support.



Our process adaption and process development projects include laboratory tests during the development phase, automation process tests and more.


Process Adaption, Development and Validation

We offer special turnkey solutions tailored to the needs of our customers: we supply optimum solutions for hand-held laboratory devices or complex manufacturing machines.


Laboratory Automation and Biomanufacturing Engineering


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