Device Drivers

An automated laboratory infrastructure usually consists of numerous highly-specialized components and modules from different manufacturers.

To enable such an assortment of devices to be automatically interlinked with one another, specific device drivers are needed which are capable of communicating with the process control level. With its Device Control and Data Interface Specification (DCDIS), the SiLA initiative has created a standard that enables any laboratory device to be addressed via a standard interface. This makes it easier to integrate different systems.

The basic library created by Fraunhofer IPA makes it much easier, cheaper and faster to develop device drivers than in the past. Furthermore, our library enables whole families of drivers to be made SiLA-capable at the same time.

We offer the following development services:

  • SiLA-compliant driver development
  • SiLA wrappers for existing driver families
  • SiLA-compliant communication libraries for driver development
  • PC-based and microcontroller-based device controls