Laboratory IT

An increasingly important topic in laboratory automation is the supply of IT solutions in laboratories. These range from single device controllers through process management, data analysis and administration systems to superior laboratory administration solutions. To fulfill today’s expectations for real data and knowledge factories, such IT structures are essential in modern laboratories.

Fraunhofer IPA has decided to tackle this problem and is actively involved in the SiLA initiative (Standardization in Lab Automation). Through this, standards are becoming available for device drivers, communication interfaces and laboratory consumables. This will enable devices and systems from different manufacturers to be easily integrated into the laboratory environment. In development projects concerned with the automation of processes that were previously considered impossible to automate, integration technology is the second most important element after the creative solution for key process steps.

Our experienced team from the Department of Laboratory Automation and Biomanufacturing Engineering develops software solutions tailored exactly to customer requirements. Wherever possible, we use available standard solutions, such as LACS, and further develop them to fulfill specifications. In doing so, we ensure compliance with FDA or MPG regulations by applying the relevant industrial norms, e.g. IEC 62304.


Device Drivers

The SiLA standard stands for fast and easy integration and interoperability in the laboratory. The solutions developed by the Department of Laboratory Automation and Biomanufacturing Engineering guarantee SiLA-capability.



Every automated system needs a controller. In the past, control software was always tailor-made, making it both expensive and inflexible. Based on the SiLA architecture, we develop system controllers which are fast, affordable, adaptable and fit for the future!


SiLA Test Site

The SiLA certification confirms that a device functions faultlessly and with any SiLA-based control software. As an accredited SiLA Test Site, we carry out tests on devices to certify them according to SiLA.


Data Analysis

Devices and systems generate huge amounts of data. Data often contains more than just the answer to one specific question. We develop solutions to enable you to obtain more useful information from your data.


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