SiLA Test Site

SiLA drivers for laboratory devices mean that devices can be integrated easily and seamlessly into new or existing systems. To ensure this, manufacturers need to have their drivers thoroughly checked. SiLA then verifies driver conformity by awarding a certificate.

To test these drivers, SiLA identifies SiLA Test Sites, which verify compliance with SiLA Device Command and Data Interface Standards (DCDIS) in accordance with specified rules and defined tests. All test results are documented and then handed to the SiLA initiative and the device manufacturer. If all tests are passed, SiLA awards the corresponding certificate and the buyer of the device is assured of its seamless integration.

A SiLA Test Site is currently being set up at Fraunhofer IPA. Once accredited, it will be possible to have drivers tested and certified here since mid-2015 onwards. A device does not necessarily have to be on site for testing - an Internet connection is all that is required.