Pipetting Robotics

One of the core aims of “Liquid Handling” is to develop efficient, optimally-functioning systems for handling all types of biological samples. In 90% of cases, samples are in liquid form. That is why technical solutions, especially dispensing and pipetting systems, play a central role in this growing area of technology.

The work group has acquired extensive expertise in pipetting techniques and devices. Most tasks can be solved using commercial pipetting systems. However, most users have difficulty choosing the right system and in adapting their processes. Our knowledge of pipetting systems from established manufacturers enables us to give independent advice on the selection of the optimum pipetting system for the job. Our liquid handling laboratory is equipped with a wide range of pipetting systems from different manufacturers for carrying out tests and process adaptions. For special tasks, additional process modules can be tried and tested quickly through integration into the pipetting system via SiLA device interfaces. We also have a broad spectrum of analysis equipment, especially for determining volumes accurately.