Liquid Handling and Related Robotics

When automating laboratory processes, it is essential that samples are handled quickly and safely. Most samples are in a liquid state, requiring the use of sampling tubes, microwell plates or other sampling systems. For example, cells may need to be transferred a number of times, preferably in suspension and without any cell loss. Another objective is to combine different reagents quickly using the smallest possible quantities.

As an independent partner, we can advise you on the best technologies and devices for your needs and help you to implement processes with a reasonable degree of automation. We work closely with many laboratory automation companies to ensure you receive independent, competent technical support.

Our additional experience in metrology and software development makes us the right partner for laboratory automation solutions – from cell culture up to high-throughput screening.


Pipetting Robotics

The work group has acquired expertise over many years in the techniques and devices implemented in pipetting. Most tasks can be solved with commercial pipetting systems. However, users often find it hard to choose the right system and adapt their processes.


Nano Dispensing Technology

When handling liquids in the low microliter range, standard pipetting systems are generally not accurate enough and need to be supplemented by specific nano dispensing technologies.


Handling Solid Biological Samples

Handling solid biological samples is becoming a key step in many laboratory and production processes in biotechnology, pharmaceutics, medical engineering and the food industry.


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