IT Products and Tools

For many years, our customers have been successfully implementing our tools in projects and operations. They use them to facilitate analyses and evaluations, plan and configure supply chain or order management systems as well as in day-to-day operations.

EMUL – end-to-end optimization of assembly and logistics

A lot of effort is often required to plan assembly and logistics processes in high-mix production environments. With the integration solution EMUL, you plan your entire assembly and logistics processes on the basis of workflows. All the information relevant to the planning process is carefully networked in the background, enabling you to carry out analysis and dimensioning tasks efficiently in each planning phase.

Variant cost analysis – making variant costs transparent with the variant manager
Allocating specific costs to a product variant on the basis of a process cost calculation often involves a lot of effort. With our lean, scenario-based IT tool, you allocate variant costs accurately and efficiently to help you make the right decisions.

EasyConfig - configuration made easy
Are you looking for a simple, lean solution to process a customer request quickly and generate a parts list and work schedule directly? EasyConfig is an integrated, easy-to-use configuration solution that not only tidies up your order management but also speeds it up!

SPS - a lean production system for planning and controlling your production flexibly
SPS is a databank-based tool for planning and control, which takes both static and dynamic bottlenecks into consideration. Easily embedded into existing planning and IT environments (ERP, BDE, tool management, etc.), it makes orders and resources transparent with a minimum amount of implementation and operating effort.

Logistics analysis – tuning production logistics exactly to your needs
It is imperative to find the right configuration in order to avoid time conflicts between adherence to schedules, throughput times, stocks and capacity. We have developed a logistics analysis tool to systematically and efficiently adjust your main parameters as required.

Heijunka - tool for smoothing production processes
The Heijunka principle is often successfully applied in the short- and mid-term to get production processes running smoothly. We not only know how to implement and operate this principle but also have the tool you need to make your processes more efficient.

NäGeMo – pre-series assembly planning
Manufacturing companies with a high value share in assembly often realize that productivity can be greatly increased with mass production. NäGeMo is an IT-based method which supports the value-orientated planning of highly productive assembly systems, enabling you to exploit potentials to the full before starting mass production.