Order Management and Value Networks

We implement established concepts, methods and IT tools to develop innovative solutions for order and production management. In this way, we help companies reach their targets – in the factory as well as in the supply chain, from inventory targets to supplier reliability. Our partnership-based consulting approach focuses on streamlining added value under complex general conditions.

If desired, we also provide assistance with implementation, giving you the support you need. This ensures that any weaknesses we have identified in your processes are appropriately addressed and rectified.

Depending on requirements, we also support your implementation process as follows:

  • Holding status workshops to assess implementation progress at regular intervals or
  • In the role of an implementation coach, who constantly accompanies the process

The combination of our experience and your specific company knowledge assures sustained improvements.


Supply Chain Management

Fraunhofer IPA configures and optimizes global value networks. This enables companies to keep an eye on production processes and structures as well as on their suppliers.


Lean Order Management

Integrated order management guarantees the ability to deliver punctually almost every time. It also minimizes stocks and throughput times as well as optimizing the use of resources.


Production and Logistics Management

Fraunhofer IPA shows companies how to slim down their logistics and production processes with the aid of appropriate methods and tools. This enables them to be cost-efficient and keep to delivery schedules.



Fraunhofer IPA evaluates your business processes to help you select, develop and implement optimum IT solutions for order management and production.


Quick Check Order Management

Fraunhofer IPA analyzes the potential of order management swiftly and efficiently. Quick Check Order Management specifically uncovers the root causes of weaknesses in planning and control processes and develops fields of action for improving in-house production planning and control (PPC) and/or inter-company supply chain management (SCM).