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The typical use of an industrial robot behind a fence usually does not involve any major problems – the safety requirements are clear, the necessary technologies are available, and many companies are already familiar with their implementation.

But what about more specific cases: for example, human-robot collaboration, the use of mobile service robots in an environment containing people, or robotic arms mounted on a mobile platform? For these and many other less common applications, more detailed knowledge is needed: Which standards apply? What technologies are needed to use a robotic system safely? How can its functionality be tested and how does an application finally obtain a CE mark?

Regardless of whether you are just starting to plan your project or you have nearly finished it, whether you just want information or would like comprehensive support, whether your robot is just a concept or the prototype already exists: At every stage in the project and its development, IPA can provide the corresponding advice and support, help you further develop your project or even take over this aspect for you.

Tell us about your safety issue and we will help you find a solution. For initial advice, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail at any time. You will find a list of our contact partners for all safety questions in the right-hand column.

Our Services

  • You are interested in learning more about safety. You are unsure on how to proceed to properly consider safety from the start when planning your application. You are looking for the right methodical approach.

    Our “Basics and Methods Training” answers your question “What are the basic requirements for robot safety and for obtaining CE marks for robots?”

  • You have ideas for a robot application or have already developed a concept and need to know which standards and requirements have to be considered so that the application can be implemented in practice. You want to use a robot in an industry that is not yet covered by standards (that you know of). Your application requires to consider several standards and you are unsure whether one, and if so, which one to prioritize and how and when.

    Our service “Standards and Requirements Check” answers your question “Which standards and requirements do I have to comply with for my application?”

  • You already have a rough idea of a robot application and the associated safety requirements. To avoid planning errors right from the start, you need to know at an early stage whether you can implement your specific application safely and what effort is involved.

    For example, tests are needed to find out whether the limit values for collision forces and pressures permitted for human-robot cooperation are actually achievable. And above all: Knowing what effect a particular safety technology has on economic aspects such as cycle time is crucial to your investment decision.

    Our service “Feasibility Studies and Practical Tests” answers your question “Can the planned robot application be certified later?”

  • You are starting to plan or develop a robot application but have not found the right safety concept yet. For example, you need to modify a safety concept due to changed production parameters and adapt it to new requirements. You want to know the latest safety trends and possibilities, and you also want to explore new avenues off the beaten track.

    Our service "Safety Concept Development” answers your question “What is the best safety concept for my application?”

  • You are looking for an experienced partner who can prepare you for the required risk assessment or carry it out with you. You need to know which risk mitigation measures can be derived from a completed risk assessment. You need an estimation of how certain changes to the safety concept would affect the risk assessment.

    Our service “Risk Assessment Support” answers your question “How do I carry out a risk assessment in compliance with standards?”

  • You have already developed a safety concept for your robot application. To be on the safe side, you now want to have this checked by an impartial and experienced partner before you go on to the next step. You are unsure whether certain safety-relevant components function as required. You have already read up on ISO TS 15066 for cobots and now you need to carry out the corresponding practical tests to get the basics for certification.

    Our service “Safety Concept Evaluation” answers your question “Is my safety concept adequate and appropriate?”

  • You would like impartial advice and guidance on selecting safety components, which should perhaps also be based on a market overview. You want to know the differences between the various products in detail and acquire decision-making skills. When coordinating with suppliers, you prefer to be involved only in an accompanying capacity, or even not at all, and would rather hand the whole thing over to an impartial service provider.

    Our service “Supplier Coordination” answers your question “What are the best components for my application?”

  • You do not know whether your robot application needs to be officially approved. You are unsure which approval body is responsible or you would like to get in touch with the relevant authorities at an early stage. Your robot application is nearly finished, and you want to clarify what documents and coordination processes are required. You do not really want to go through the process on your own, and would rather have an impartial, advisory partner at your side.

    Our service "Coordination with Approval Bodies” answers your question “What do I have to take into account and do to ensure a successful approval process?”

  • Before a robot application is actually “cleared” for use in day-to-day work, it requires the CE mark to confirm compliance with standards. You have never had to deal with this process in the past and would like to know how it works. You want an experienced contact partner at your side to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

    Our service “CE Marking Support” answers your question “How do I successfully obtain the CE mark for my application?”