Robot and Assistive Systems

The department “Robot and Assistive Systems” is concerned with the development of robot systems and automation solutions for industry and also for the services sector. The department develops and implements key technologies in innovative industrial robots, service robots and intelligent machines.

With 50 years of experience in robotics and automation, multi-disciplinary teams, an unparalleled network, a wealth of expertise and superbly-equipped laboratories and workshops, we are able to offer a wide range of services in robot technology and application:

  • System design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Simulation of robot systems and components
  • Material flow simulation
  • Prototype development
  • Drafting of requirements and technical specifications
  • Measurement of robots and systems
  • Optimization of existing systems

Do you already use robot systems or do you plan to start using them in the future? We will help you develop and implement the automation solution you need.

Are you a systems integrator or a components manufacturer? You can count on us as your development partner to assist you with new technologies.

Our work areas


Center for Cognitive Robotics

The Center of Cognitive Robotics extends the expertise in research and innovation of Fraunhofer IPA with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the research fields of robotics and human-machine-interaction.


Intralogistics and Material Flow

Industrial robots constitute a flexible element in material flow automation. New sensor concepts and improved control strategies are constantly extending the application possibilities of modern industrial robots.


Welding and Machining

Precision, large work spaces and high payloads: industrial robots offer enormous potentials to automate welding and machining tasks or other continuous path processes.


Assembly Automation

We have gained a wealth of experience in the planning and implementation of industrial assembly systems. Coupled with results from numerous research projects concerning assembly automation with robot systems, this enables us to develop for you and with you, fully- or partially-automated solutions tailored to your assembly requirements.


Industrial and Commercial Service Robots

From automated guided vehicles to autonomous manufacturing assistants, from commercial cleaning processes to automated milking systems – a multitude of industrial and commercial tasks can be performed more flexibly, more efficiently and at lower cost using service robots.


Household and Assistive Robotics

Service robots are becoming a regular feature in our daily lives and can be anything from consumer robots to assistive robots for older or disabled people. The assistive functions of robots can also improve working aids in the field of personal services.


Service Robot Technologies

Innovative service robots are developed on the basis of different key technologies. Fraunhofer IPA develops innovative, practicable solutions for control software and sensor technology as well as for robotic hardware.


Software Engineering and Systems Integration

Open-source software components and software tools facilitate the integration of these systems. They significantly reduce the efforts required to develop and construct robot-assisted automation systems.


Planning and Development of Robot Systems

We see ourselves as a neutral and competent partner to help you develop and implement robot systems and automation technology: both in industry and in services, for medium-sized and large-scale companies, for users and component manufacturers.


Safe Robot Applications and Cobots

Let us help you design your individual application with industrial or service robots that complies with safety requirements. This gives you planning reliability with regard to all specifications.

Further Information


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