Fast and intuitive programming


Being able to program robots quickly and intuitively is a key requirement when it comes to implementing industrial robots cost-effectively in productions where a wide range of customized products are manufactured.


Fraunhofer IPA develops fast intuitive programming interfaces for your applications. Among others, the following types of module are used:

  • Robot operation via hand control and other application-specific interfaces
  • Human-robot collaboration
  • Visualization and post-processing on a 3D interface
  • Automatic generation of robot programs
  • Design of robot systems with intuitive programming
  • Design and configuration of safety systems for human-robot interaction

Advantages of fast, intuitive programming

Automating processes with industrial robots frequently involves time-consuming, complex programming steps. Especially where small batch sizes are concerned, the programming time required slows down a plant’s productivity. Similarly, the entry barriers to this technology are considerable because staff first need to be trained and gain some experience.

Innovative programming techniques allow industrial robots to be programmed quickly and intuitively. Fraunhofer IPA adopts the programming-by-demonstration model whereby the robot is guided through the trajectory. Because the necessary process parameters are entered into a 3-D user interface, programming as such is no longer required.

Especially for inexperienced users, this has significant time-saving advantages because it speeds up the process between learning to use the system and operating it productively.

Sample applications


  • MAG welding tasks involving small batch quantities
  • Robot-controlled measuring tasks


Efficient welding robot programming in the cloud