Functional Safety

How do you ensure that your mechatronic systems are operationally safe? Do you know the relevant regulatory requirements and adhere to them?

Due to the growing use of electrics and electronics, functional safety is becoming ever-more important in order to prevent random failures in customer operations.

Therefore, we take a close look at the following issues:

  • What is really “new” as far as functional safety is concerned?
  • Which existing methods and processes are beneficial to functional safety?
  • What advantage can product or machine development gain from functional safety?
  • How can functional safety be integrated into the existing development process or project management with a minimal amount of effort?
  • How can the influence of safety concepts on system or machine availability as well as diagnostic capability be reliably controlled?

To clarify these questions, we consider both the basic standard on functional safety IEC 61508 as well as the passenger vehicle norm ISO 26262. We are also able to transfer our concepts to other and future derivatives of these norms.

With our services, we can help you reach the following targets:

If you bear overall responsibility for the safety systems or equipment requiring development:

  • Verification of the suitability of safety concepts concerning the degree of availability required
  • Assurance of diagnostic capability in customer operations
  • Inclusion of functional safety in existing analysis methods
  • Consideration of functional safety in the FMEA
  • Analysis of the safety concepts in the FMEA with regard to latent errors

If you supply components
for use in safety systems or equipment:

  • Identification of necessary supplier tasks for functional safety
  • Regulation of supplier agreements (DIA – Design and Interface Agreement) concerning functional safety 

Independent of your specific role

  • Appropriate planning of activities concerning functional safety
  • Target-oriented moderation as individual tasks are performed
  • Documentation and reviews on fulfilling process requirements in functional safety