Sustainable Production and Quality

For Fraunhofer IPA, sustainable company management means giving economic, ecological and social aspects equal consideration both from a regional and global standpoint. Companies also have to be prepared to accept responsibility for current and future generations.

We make sure you get the quality you need for your products and processes at the level of manufacturing reliability you require.

How can you manufacture your products sustainably and cost-effectively? Within the scope of research and industrial projects, Fraunhofer IPA develops and optimizes energy-efficient production processes, products and technologies that are free of hazardous substances and gentle on resources – not just during each specific phase of life but also over the product lifecycle.

We help make your factory sustainable in the following ways:


Resource-Efficient Material Flows

Environmentally-friendly product development calls for the optimum usage of resources and energy. This includes all phases of a product’s lifecycle, from production through utilization right up to value-added recycling. To achieve this, Fraunhofer IPA applies tried and trusted methods.


Management of Hazardous Substances

Substance-related requirements concerning complex products (RoHS, REACh), as well as international environmental and compliance requirements, have caused major changes in the way affected industries deal with hazardous substances. Fraunhofer IPA gives you an overview and helps you comply with relevant regulations.


Quality Management

For modern companies, quality management does not just mean complying with the requirements of norms. Fraunhofer IPA helps you to plan and optimize procedures and methods in a consistent quality management system.


Maintenance and Asset Management

The reliability and availability of production equipment is a decisive value factor for industrial companies. For this reason, Fraunhofer IPA optimizes the maintenance of machinery and equipment.