Resource-Efficient Material Flows

Making up on average about 45% of manufacturing costs, material resources constitute by far the largest cost block in the processing industry. However, through environmental and resource efficiency, savings of around 20 percent or more can be achieved.

Fraunhofer IPA helps its customers to use materials efficiently by providing tailored solutions:

  1. We evaluate the main indicators of the flows of stocks and materials in product and manufacturing systems, such as efficiency, environmental impact, criticality and added value.
    We conduct integrative life cycle analyses and detailed case-by-case studies to ensure maximum transparency and identify various optimization factors. *
  2. We visualize not only the flows of stocks and materials but also potentials with the aid of individualized material flow and Sankey diagrams.
  3. We implement low-cost measures modeled on lean management to achieve a simultaneous financial and ecological improvement in the flows of stocks and materials in product and manufacturing systems.
  4. We introduce and further develop management processes/systems, business processes (e.g. design for environment processes, Kaizen workshops) and environmental controlling tools (e.g. checklists, indicator systems).
  5. We identify best practice examples for specific applications as a bench mark for our customers.

*In doing so, we apply methods such as environmental management/life cycle assessment (ISO14040/14044), life cycle costing and material flow cost accounting (ISO 14051).