Our services for the food industry

Industrial food manufacture is dominated by highly-automated production processes. Our focus is on process or plant-related challenges; high standards must be met as far as hygiene requirements and quality are concerned. Ever-higher demands on logistics, process control, sustainability and product quality mean that processes need to be continually reassessed. Smart maintenance is the key to sustainable and efficient maintenance.

We offer the following expertise

Food industry:

  • Factory and plant planning
  • Factory planning – etwas doppel gemoppelt, oder?
  • Paintshop planning and optimization
  • Packaging technology: design and optimization of packaging machines
  • Quality assurance


Quality assessment concepts and systems:

  • Quality assessment concepts and systems
  • Signal analysis in process control
  • Risk assessment
  • Automated optical quality control
  • Detection of foreign objects with thermography
  • Solder and fill level measurements
  • Quality monitoring: power-free temperature monitoring, optical measuring systems,
    solder and fill level measurements
  • Selection of inline testing systems
Manufacturing technologies:
  • Bulk solids handling, liquid handling
  • Dispersion technology and particle technology
  • Numerical process simulation
  • Functional coatings: synthesis and characterization of particles, material functionalization
Energy and chemical substance management:
  • Waste heat technologies
  • Thermal and electrical energy storage
  • Management of chemical substances
  • Resource-efficient material flows
Production and logistics management:
  • Organizational development: smart organization and processes
  • Digital business models and business ecosystems
  • Analyses of Industrie 4.0 potential
  • Lean production: value stream design
  • Concepts for modular, scalable and adaptable production systems
  • Maintenance management
  • Supply chain adaptation and optimization