Success Stories

To keep up with the competition, a chocolate manufacturer decided to drastically increase his capacity. With a planned tonnage of 36,000 tons, three times as much as before. The IPA team carefully examined the production processes to gain an overview of the  improvement potential and weak points in the production. After assessing the qualitative and quantitative aspects of various concepts, together with the plant manufacturer the team was able to develop a new layout of the works structure for the chocolate factory. This was supplemented by an automated sequence-planning tool to minimize cleaning and set-up requirements and implement an appropriately-sized high-bay warehouse for the finished products. The factory planners also compiled a list of assessment criteria to ensure a lean and sustainable layout.

© Photo Fotolia, Vladislav Gudovskiy

After a fire in an aluminum factory, IPA was commissioned not only to take over crisis management but also project management for the reconstruction of the production plant. The team used value stream design to identify ways of optimising production to make the factory fit for the future. The focus was on restarting production as soon as possible and optimising production processes. The concept was developed over a period of three months and implemented in agreement with the customer.