Ergonomics and automation in wheel hotels


In Short

Analysis of ergonomics and of potential to automate effective concepts for reducing the physical strain on workers.


In Detail

Handling wheels is a physically demanding job. Therefore, the company 4WHEELS commissioned Fraunhofer IPA to systematically search for practicable solutions to take the strain off their employees. In an interdepartmental project, experts from the fields of ergonomics, production planning and assembly automation worked together to develop the most effective and practicable solutions possible. Together, the local general constraints were ascertained and a sensor-driven ergonomics analysis as well as an automation potential analysis were carried out. The experts from the various departments collaborated to develop solution concepts from the perspective of different expert reports and methods. These concepts were presented to the customer and their effects and anticipated costs discussed. The most promising results are now to be jointly implemented in follow-up projects. Fraunhofer IPA is assisting with the further design, pilot phase and evaluation of these measures as required.

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