Process planning and assembly design

Hardly any other area of production offers so many potentials for rationalization as labor-intensive assembly. Choosing an optimum assembly structure has a major impact on cost structures as well as on the ability of systems to adapt to changing conditions.

Your assembly line is planned on the basis of an optimized cost-benefit structure that is tailored to requirements. We also balance line layouts according to the principles of lean line design, for example when planning processes for complex, high-mix assembly systems in effective joint or separate layouts. We develop algorithms to design mixed and multi-model lines. We also conduct simulations to validate our planning results at an early stage.

As well as planning and re-engineering assembly lines, our expertise also extends to optimizing existing layouts. When planning assembly lines, we draw on our longstanding experience from industrial projects and also apply innovative research concepts. This approach enables us to solve not only all technical but also organizational tasks in your assembly line – from planning right through to implementation.