ReNaRe - Recycling - Sustainable Resource Ultilization

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In Short

The aim of the project is to automate the disassembly of future electrolyzers. For this purpose, the requirements of a digital twin as well as of the necessary software and hardware are identified at an early stage. Based on this, the project partners will design a robot-based disassembly system and demonstrate it for a process step using a real setup.

In Detail

The high number of variants and non-standardized electrolyzer systems are considered as a challenge for automated disassembly operations. These challenges are being addressed by the “ReNaRe” project (Recycling - Sustainable Resource Utilization), which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. To this end, the project partners are first defining the requirements of the disassembly system on the basis of current systems that are on the market or used by the research community. These will form the base for designing modular hardware and software components (AI-driven robot programming modules) for the disassembly system. Based on this concept, a demonstrator will be used to validate the process steps.

A digital twin for the material and energy flow will drive the automated disassembly system. This will allow both the process and the economic efficiency of the automated disassembly system to be optimized.

The results of the joint research project will contribute to promoting sustainability in the field of hydrogen technologies, to securing economically strategic raw materials and to strengthening Germany as a business location.


ReNaRe is a sub-project of the flagship project H2Giga, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and coordinated by Project Management Jülich. The lead project H2Giga is dedicated to the development of serial production of electrolysers - and this is open to all technologies. Together, established electrolyser manufacturers, suppliers from various technology sectors, including many medium-sized and small companies, as well as research institutions and universities, are advancing existing electrolysis technologies.


Funding code: 03HY111C

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