Remote measurement of body temperature and respiratory rate with “Access Checker”

© Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez
Access Checker: sensor technology and evaluation tool

In Short

End users: designed for checking staff and visitors at entrances to companies or hospitals.

Topic: the radar sensor detects the respiratory rate via movements of the chest  while thermal camera measures the body temperature via the person's face.

In Detail

Infections of the respiratory system cause raised temperatures and changes in respiratory rates and patterns. Typical symptoms of Covid-19 include a dry cough and breathing difficulties. The remote measurement of vital signals is crucial in order to protect healthcare workers in hospitals and security staff working at airports, in public offices, etc. Numerous products are commercially available for remotely measuring facial temperature with thermal cameras and body temperature with non-contact infrared thermometers. The respiratory rate, however - an underestimated vital sign - can only be measured manually or with special chest straps. We developed an algorithm to analyze the micro-movements of a person's chest at a distance of a few meters and filtered out the breathing pattern. The thermal camera and the radar sensor have been integrated into a working demonstrator. The sensor system is currently being evaluated for use to check people as they enter hospitals.

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