Transforming a chinese machinery manufacturer into a leading factory for digital and smart manufacturing

Fraunhofer IPA supported China’s major rubber machinery manufacturer to break efficiency and quality bottlenecks by consolidating two current production sites into one. The aim was to transform the factory into a leading factory for digital and smart manufacturing.


The Yiyang Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co. (YRPM), a subsidiary of ChemChina, is China’s major rubber machinery manufacturer. The grown structures of two production sites with over 700 employees today face several bottlenecks holding back from full operational excellence:

  • The facilities underwent several past layout changes leading to inefficiencies in the material flow.
  • The majority of the aged equipment does not fulfill precision and quality requirements anymore needed for the next generation of products.
  • The current production planning & control system is only partially automated leading to limited transparency and complex manual planning efforts.

YRPM and ChemChina together with Fraunhofer IPA decided to consolidate two current production sites into one. The project intends to transform the factory into a leading factory for digital and smart manufacturing. The task of Fraunhofer IPA was to develop the overall concept for the new factory, including the following aspects:

  • Design of a streamlined factory layout
  • Selection of advanced machinery and logistical equipment
  • Identification and analysis of automation potentials
  • Development of industry 4.0 concepts, including customized data collection approach
  • Conceptualization of an integrated, digital production planning & control system and design chain
  • Align requirements of many project stakeholders, such as governmental administrations, business partners and suppliers

YRPM now has guidelines by Fraunhofer IPA that consider a strategical effective and operational efficient production concept. The manufacturer is now competent to implement the new production line by himself.


New factory design

Quotation of the customer


The project provided sophisticated solutions and aligned the interests of the many stakeholders under a common factory vision.

Yao Hongjian, Executive Deputy General Manager


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