Factory Planning and Production Management

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If a company wants to stay ahead of the competition, its factories and production facilities have to operate at maximum technical, logistical and organizational performance levels. Continuous improvement as well as more drastic, fundamental changes and adaptions are decisive to a factory’s sustained success.

With our factory planning and production optimization services, we help manufacturing companies pursue their core factory goals. Our services range from planning factory premises, through strategically aligning production and optimizing operations, right up to product value engineering and designing the necessary manufacturing and assembly processes.

Our newly-developed methods not only ensure that your factory is designed using the latest information but also that it maintains its competitive edge for years to come.


Factory planning and Intralogistics

Would you like to simplify complicated plant structures or plan a new factory? Fraunhofer IPA designs factories to make them fit for the future – from the drawing board through to start of production.


Production management and value stream mapping and design

Would you like to have a clear picture of production processes and optimize your value stream? Fraunhofer IPA develops innovative concepts for production processes.


Planning production strategies

Would you like to use your manufacturing expertise to safeguard your company’s success and its edge over the competition in the long-term? Fraunhofer IPA helps you develop production strategies to reach your goals.


Planning manufacturing systems

Do you want to configure your manufacturing systems cost-effectively? Fraunhofer IPA develops concepts to cut production costs and keep your prices competitive.


Planning assembly operations

Do you want to optimize your assembly line or plan a new one? Fraunhofer IPA offers end-to-end solutions for an efficient, cost-effective assembly process.


Autonomous production optimization

The focus of production optimization is on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This key figure is used to evaluate the efficiency of technical systems and takes into account the three factors causing effectiveness losses in production: Availability, Performance, Quality