Value stream based factory planning at TRACOE medical GmbH

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In Short

When planning a new factory, TRACOE medical GmbH collaborated with Fraunhofer IPA to develop sustainable factory structures and processes. The manufacturer of medical products for patient ventilation is thus setting the course for further corporate growth. The consideration of various industry regulations and hygiene requirements required special attention.


In Detail

Due to the continuing rise in market demand, in 2019 TRACOE medical GmbH decided to build a new factory in Nieder-Olm. TRACOE assigned Fraunhofer IPA the complex task of developing an adaptable factory concept as a basis for implementation by a general planner. Following the principles of lean production and the value stream method, factory operations were segmented according to product families and measures for optimizing production were identified. With the help of value stream design and logistics design, the new structures were aligned with future capacity requirements and the course was set for further growth. The production and logistics concepts were then transformed into versatile factory layouts that take into account existing building structures as well as possible degrees of freedom in the development of the site. A particular challenge was the integration of cleanrooms into the factory layout and the consideration of hygiene requirements.

Insights into the project

© with kind permission of TRACOE medical GmbH


“We have learned a lot in terms of methodology and expertise and have achieved the standard of planning for the new factory and for manufacturing silicone products that we had hoped for.”

Dr. Thomas Jurisch, Managing Director

Overview of the project

Project time frame

May 2019 until November 2019

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