BMBF Project - Aktive-Geh-Interaktion

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In short

Development of an active walking orthosis designed to enable people to stand up, walk and sit down.


In detail

The project Aktive-Geh-Interaktion aims to devise, develop and finally validate an active walking orthosis. The walking orthosis developed in the project should close the gap between mechanical walking aids and active exoskeletons. A simple actuator concept will be used to reduce complexity and costs. An adaptive support should stabilize the user during walking as well as enable independent standing up and sitting down. The focus is on the interaction of the patient with the technology.

The active walking orthosis is intended to enable a broad group of patients to stand up, walk and sit down. This is intended to create an opportunity to participate independently in everyday life at eye level. In addition to the conceptual design of different variants, the Biomechatronic Systems department is concentrating in the project primarily on the approaches to stabilize and support as needed the gait of the user.

Active walking orthosis with intelligent drive interaction

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