Cross-site production concept raises efficiency potential at European Convenience Food GmbH

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Location optimisation

In Short

At European Convenience Food GmbH, we were asked to identify synergies and potentials of two production sites of the company and to plan how to exploit them. The result of the project was an implementation and investment recommendation for site utilization and production design.


In Detail

The Fraunhofer IPA scientists developed a recommended course of action for optimizing the two production sites, including implementation costs and amortization time. One of the key recommendations was to eliminate production lines; this would result in several advantages, such as higher production efficiency, shorter distances and less condemned material, as well as the avoidance of cleaning costs. The return on investment of the necessary investment was one year.

To solve the task, the scientists opted for a three-step approach. They started by analyzing the production and technology situation at both sites with the value stream method in face-to-face meetings and by evaluating the available production data. This enabled them to sketch the production situation and to identify the corresponding requirements. In a second step, the researchers worked with ECF staff to define a strategic framework and general business objectives. In the final stage of the project, the project team modeled the future production concepts. They proved their feasibility by simulating loads based on the expected order quantity.

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Insight into the project


“Together with Fraunhofer IPA, we were able to define the necessary investments and measures to make the best use of our two sites.”

Simon Morris
Managing Director

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