Webinar  /  11. Mai 2023, 09.00 Uhr bis 10:30 Uhr

Identifying and selecting digital services for manufacturing

Addressing challenges and obstacles associated with the introduction of digital services

In many industries, one-off sales of physical products are no longer sufficient for lasting business success. Significantly higher margins, stronger customer relationships and thus better corporate resilience can be expected with service transformation or servitization. Servitization is the transformation from traditionally product-centered companies to solution-oriented service providers. In this context, digitization is seen as a door-opener and accelerator, among other things through the networking of machines and the aggregation of manufacturing and process data on an IIoT platform. As a result, companies can offer completely new services and business models such as equipment-as-a-service concepts.

The webinar is aimed at decision-makers, business developers, strategists and production managers who want to develop data-driven and digital services based on an IIoT platform in order to align their range of services efficiently and resiliently.



  • IIoT platforms as a digital backbone for production and associated digital services
  • Importance and challenge of digital services for manufacturing
  • Identifying and selecting digital services for manufacturing
  • Guiding principles for implementing product service systems


Target Group

Executives from SMEs and large companies (manufacturing companies), experts in digitization, product development, product management, heads of sales & marketing


Benefit for Participents

Customer-focused digital solutions identified for transforming product-centered companies to service-oriented companies