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Future is our product: sustainable, personalized and smart.

Fraunhofer IPA – one of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s largest institutes – was founded in 1959 and employs nearly 1000 workers. It has an annual budget of over 70 million euros, with more than one third coming from industrial projects.

Organizational and technological assignments related to manufacturing are the focus of our research and development work. We develop, test and implement methods, components and equipment right up to complete machines and plants.

We see opportunities. We give impulses. Future is our product.

15 specialist departments cover all the areas of manufacturing engineering. They are coordinated by six business units and work on an interdisciplinary basis with industrial enterprises from the following sectors: automotive, machinery and equipment, electronics and microsystems, energy, medical engineering and biotechnology and the process industry.

Strategic cornerstones “mass sustainability” and “mass personalization”

Our research and development work focuses on the cost-efficient manufacture of sustainable and personalized products. Our aim is to enable individualized products to be manufactured in lot sizes of 1 at the same price as mass-produced goods. To achieve this, we are conducting research in the future factory ARENA2036, for example, and as part of S-TEC, the Stuttgart Technology and Innovation Campus.

Our future and lead topics include the biointelligent value chain, digital transformation in the context of  Industrie 4.0, energy storage systems, frugal manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence in automation, lightweight engineering and resource efficiency.

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