Further testingservices

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We have an unparalleled range of testing equipment at our disposal, enabling us to deal with the many and varied challenges posed by research and industrial partners regarding the properties of coatings and their optimization, corrosion protection concepts, damage patterns, etc.

When it comes to the development of new solution concepts, our experts in the Department of Applied Coating Technology have in-depth knowledge and supply the answers to a wide range of questions on the properties of

  • Metallic surfaces and substrates
  • Liquid and powder coatings
  • Cathodicdip coating (CDC)
  • Fillers, additives and binders
  • Cured paints / coatings
  • Analysis of flaws and damage in coating and painting processes

A comprehensive list of testing equipment, test methods and services relating to paint and surface technology offered by the Department of Coating Systems and Painting Technology can be found in our test equipment catalog.

We are more than happy to advise you and look forward to your call or email inquiry.

Cross cuttest
Corrosion inspector for digitized measurement of filiform corrosion
Salt spray chamber in corrosion test rig

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