Applied coating technology

We have extensive applied research experience in coating materials and coatings, raw paint materials such as pigments and fillers, their structure-property relationships, paint-specific polymer chemistry and physics as well as painting technology and the technology of associated substrate materials. We work in close collaboration with industrial partners from the chemical industry, paint industry and paint-processing industries as well as from the fields of systems engineering and application and testing technologies. This gives us the necessary insight into practical applications to implement our research results promptly and cost-effectively.

We gain inspiration for new research projects from current problems faced by our customers, new material developments in the raw materials industry, new product and process requirements in surface technology as well as new aspects related to environmental protection and work safety. We have in-depth knowledge of painting technology and the properties of material surfaces. We use this to apply the “right chemistry" for pre-treatment and coating materials, to determine the best application and layer formation processes and conduct tests and simulations on the performance of coatings: We also help you implement them in your factory. Our expertise also encompasses the analysis of the root causes of coating errors and defects along the entire paint and surface technology process chain, the elaboration of expert reports and the development of solutions to rectify them.


Corrosion protection and resistance to weathering

We implement new coating concepts and raw materials to improve the performance of coatings. Produced from model formulations, we conduct time-lapse tests to assess the capabilities of coating systems with regard to specific requirements, such as the ability to resist corrosion, weathering, or chemicals.


Paint technology and chemical-physical testing technology

The high demands placed on coatings also mean that testing methods in all phases of painting technology are faced with major challenges. We implement an extensive range of techniques for testing raw paint materials, paints, coating materials, coatings and substrate surfaces. We also have excellently-equipped as well as accredited test laboratories.