Test method development

Do you need help introducing new processes in your development projects or developing methods and validating new material concepts? Do your specifications need to be reviewed, further developed or modified? Fraunhofer IPA is at your side with extensive know-how.

Key services:

  • Evaluating the physical properties for new coating functions
  • Developing new methods for assuring the quality of raw materials, paints and coatings
  • Methodical research on physical mechanisms affecting the function of coatings

The Department of Coating Systems and Painting Technology has a broad network of technical experts covering the entire process chain from materials research and coating technology to the coated product and related testing methods.

Basic requirements:

  • Confidentiality and objectivity
  • International recognition and validity
  • Clearly-defined processes and structures
  • Compliance statements that take measurement uncertainties into account
  • Valid test results (also traceable by measurement)
  • Ensured reproducibility and comparability (verification, e.g. in round robin tests)
  • Continuous further development of the QM system and competencies of technical staff