Painting Process Engineering

Choosing the right processes and systems significantly affects a paint shop’s profitability for many years. When conducting planning and optimization tasks, the Department of Coating Systems and Painting Technology implements established calculation and evaluation methods (e.g. the planning and forecasting system CoaTway®). It then checks the processes, system components and painting results in collaboration with the supplier companies concerned.

Today’s demands on existing coating facilities are changing constantly, for example due to new requirements concerning legislation, paint materials, painting technologies or a need to improve efficiency.  Painting processes therefore have to be continuously improved if a company wants to keep ahead of the competition.

Expectations regarding the durability of coatings are high. The pretreatment and painting processes must be performed in narrower process windows and costs must be minimized. This is a balancing act, which forces painting companies to find a way to guarantee production reliability while keeping costs low at the same time. Selecting and implementing the right Testing technology is a decisive success factor - no easy task given the huge number of available measurement and test procedures, standards, guidelines and in-house test specifications.

Fraunhofer IPA is an independent, unbiased institution that carried out application-oriented, practical research and development work and offers related services. The extensive range of analysis equipment in the Department of Coating Systems and Painting Technology’s test labs is constantly being adapted in line with current standards.


Our Services

  • Painting process and system design
  • Process optimization
  • Analyzing weak points and coating errors
  • Technology assessments
  • Expert opinions
  • Evaluating and comparing paints and painting facilities
  • Concepts for integrating in-line painting processes
  • Painting tests and inspection of initial samples
  • Workshops, seminars and in-house training courses


Our laboratories

We implement accredited test procedures according to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025.
We attach great importance to the reliability of testing and measuring methods as well as to fulfilling the expectations and demands of our customers.

The range of services offered by the test lab at Fraunhofer IPA includes, for example:

  • Tests to evaluate machines and equipment,
  • Determining material properties and the quality of coatings,
  • Analyzing coating defects and damage,
  • Optimizing and developing methods for analyzing paint films and
  • Paint compatibility tests

In the course of planning and optimization projects, we help you analyze and evaluate coating technologies and rationalization potential:

  • Elaboration of specifications,
  • Tests on coatings,
  • Specific tests on paints as well as staff training and seminars

Analyzing and sampling coatings

The Coating System and Painting Technology department has an accredited testing laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025:2018, which uses its many years of experience to carry out sampling on painted plastic components to the specifications of many automotive manufacturers.


Planning Painting Facilities

For many companies, in order to remain competitive, swift decisions have to be made when planning painting facilities. It is especially important to plan pre-treatment and painting technologies both quickly and reliably.


Avoidance of Coating Errors

Coating errors cause extensive rework and high reject rates. One of the main ways of avoiding coating errors is to continuously optimize the painting process as well as to analyse any weak points in production.


Optimizing painting processes

The demands on today’s paint shops are constantly changing - for example, due to new paint materials, new painting technologies or a need to improve efficiency. Painting processes therefore have to be continuously improved if a company wants to keep ahead of the competition.



Within the scope of funded applied research projects, we develop new test methods and quality control concepts.


Accredited testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025


Accredited Test Laboratory

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Sampling painted parts to ensure process quality

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Coating tests

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Avoiding painting defects

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Planning paint shops for large objects

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Painting Process Development