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Slight deviations in the painting process can be enough to cause unacceptable painting defects such as inclusions, flaking, craters, drips, inhomogeneities, adhesion loss, blistering, inconsistent film thickness, dirt inclusions - to name but a few. The consequences are high costs, time-consuming rework, rejects and a reduction in competitiveness. To avoid this, Fraunhofer IPA is at your side as a strong and competent partner, helping you to optimize your painting operations. To increase the resilience and robustness of your processes, we take a close look at defects, identify their cause and develop solutions for lastingly flawless processes. When analyzing weak points and defects, the Painting Process Engineering team focuses on the following questions:

What is the quality of the painted end product?

We describe the characteristics of the paint shop and quality values.

Which factors affect the coating quality?

We look at all process steps, from material selection to the way painted products are packaged.

Where exactly are the weak points?

We investigate and identify the cause of each weak point and also examine work and process steps.

Which dependencies are there in the painting process?

We determine interactions and dependencies between the process steps.

How often do the paint defects occur in each case?

We ascertain the frequency of the various types of defects via weak point statistics.

How can they be avoided?

We characterize weak points and draw up a catalog of measures to avoid and reduce specific painting defects.

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Blister formation, simulated in the test laboratory
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Entrapped fiber due to improper cleaning
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Painting defects in the field: resistance to certain chemicals

Among other things, the Painting Process Engineering team has access to the extensive and certified testing facilities in the institute's test laboratories. Our expert reports and failure analyses are based on sound empirical and analytical research methods.

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