Maturity Assessment – How digitally mature is your company?

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Hello and welcome to the Online Assessment Center for evaluating your company's digital maturity. On this page, we offer two options that allow you to assess your organization's digital maturity level quickly and easily.

You can decide for yourself whether you want to make the maturity assessment on your own or whether you would prefer it to be moderated by a Fraunhofer IPA expert.

Please make your choice. In the next step, we need information about your company and your contact details. You will receive all further details by e-mail. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Thieme.

A detailed description of the Fraunhofer IPA maturity assessment can be found in the product sheet opposite.

Moderated Maturity Assessment

A moderated maturity assessment can be conducted on-site or remotely in the form of a workshop and is subject to a fee. In return, at the end of the workshop, you receive comprehensive documentation of the results and an assessment made by the Fraunhofer IPA experts showing you where your greatest potential for improvement lies. You also receive an initial recommendation for action from us. If you choose this option, we will be happy to send you a non-binding offer.

Independent Maturity Assessment

With this option, you make the maturity assessment on your own and rate yourself in the various categories. To do this, you navigate yourself through the maturity assessment and select the maturity level independently. The outcome of this is an overview of the overall assessment, which is placed at your disposal.

All data entries are stored anonymously and used in a study. Participants can view the overall results of the study at any time. This gives you a benchmark of how your company's digital maturity level compares on average to that of all other participants. We therefore ask you - also in the interests of science - to enter plausible data. The results of the study are posted separately. These include the results of the independent maturity assessments as well as those of the moderated assessment workshops.