Methods for implementing digital production

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Fraunhofer IPA identifies suitable Industrie 4.0 use cases, develops technological solutions and implements digital production with you.

Digital transformation focuses on more than just technological aspects. As part of change management, the employees affected by digitization and their needs are also addressed. Once the projects have been implemented, the challenge - especially for larger companies with multiple production sites - is to roll out the developed solutions efficiently and precisely to the various production sites, which each have their own unique general conditions.

Our interdisciplinary team helps you systematically select suitable use cases, collaborates with you to develop technological solutions and implement digital production, and provides assistance throughout the course of the project, from conception and implementation right through to roll-out of the solutions.

Our services:

  • Roadmapping
  • Implementation support
  • Technology management
  • Software engineering
  • Production work of the future
  • Human-centered production technologies

Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive support services to ensure the lasting and successful implementation of your
    digitization projects from planning right through to realization
  • Services that are individually tailored to your needs
  • The latest scientific findings
  • Longstanding industrial experience in numerous branches of industry
  • Research and development services from an independent and impartial partner

Regardless of whether you are an SME or a large company: we believe that every manufacturing company can benefit from digital transformation, and we show you how to achieve it.

Our expertise:


Digital transformation planning methods

Are you planning a fundamental digital transformation of your company? Do you want to assess the digital maturity of your company or evaluate, select and coordinate digitization projects? Fraunhofer IPA carries out Industrie 4.0 planning projects and helps manufacturing companies implement digital transformation.


Shaping the production work of the future

Do you want to take advantage of the digital transformation to modernize the work and production systems in your company? Would you like to use assistance systems to help your employees carry out their daily work safely and efficiently in the manufacturing environment? Fraunhofer IPA conducts research on production work as the interaction between people, technology and organization.