Software Development Process

In order to implement high-quality, safe and cost-effective software and hardware developments successfully in established manufacturing IT systems, dynamic development processes and tools are called for. These have to be selected and adapted according to special project requirements, such as production-specific or sector-specific demands, compliance with standards such as GMP or IEC 62304, the type of product concerned (prototype, demonstrator, commercial product) or communication complexity. The competence center “digITools” knows all about these requirements and helps customers make the right decisions. A large number of experienced developers from various departments, groups and cooperation partners give customers all the information they need about suitable processes and tools.


Specific Project Details

Identification of project-specific requirements in order to select suitable development processes and tools.


Development Processes

Selection and management of a suitable development process.


Development Tools

Integrated development tools are essential in order to develop professional, high-quality software in teams.