The successful implementation of electrochemical technologies (electroplating) not only calls for ever-precise material characteristics and geometric features but also reproducible application technologies based on robust and reliable processes. That is why we ensure consistent end-to-end monitoring of the entire R&D chain from process development right through to industrial systems engineering.

Our work always focuses on electroplating issues. As a unique service provider, we advise you on all aspects concerning the entire industrial manufacturing chain – from the development of new plating materials and related process chains, through failure analysis, right up to the implementation of industrial systems engineering. Combined with our conventional consulting services such as supplier evaluation, we assist our customers with new technologies from the idea right through to their implementation in manufacturing processes.


Process development

Process development covers all areas related to the development of electroplated layers and application techniques. We first develop and optimize layers to meet high quality standards and then devise techniques for their practical application.


Plant design

Electroplating systems are tailored to customer manufacturing requirements and are therefore always designed individually. We help you plan new systems and optimize existing ones, as well as develop and construct special solutions and prototypes.


Consulting services

Our primary objective is to provide comprehensive consulting services related to all aspects of electroplating. Conventional consulting services focus on areas where decisions and neutral assessments are required.


Failure analysis

Should components fail due to premature wear or corrosion, or manufacturing systems come to a standstill because layers are defective, measures need to be taken to remedy the cause. Our services include on-site analyses and the identification of corrective measures.