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Electrochemical coating technologies are commonly known as electroplating and their use is widespread. They are key technologies in all branches of industry and therefore of major importance to most groups of products. Thanks to innovations in processes and equipment, ever-better and novel layer properties are being produced industrially. The Department of Electroplating at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation is a pioneer in electroplating research, driving innovations in processes and plants in the field of electroplating technologies.


Process Development in Electroplating

We develop and optimize plating materials and processes to generate specific layer properties.


Electroplating Plants

We offer our customers wide-ranging support in planning, optimizing and developing electroplating production plants.


Coating Defects on Electroplated Surfaces

If you have any production or quality problems, Fraunhofer IPA can help - fast.


REACH Authorization

We develop suitable chromium VI substitutes for companies or prove the compelling use of chromium VI in production.