REACH Authorization

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It is worth submitting a REACH application that is tailored exactly to company requirements. Because the more detailed the application, the longer the period the REACH authorization tends to be granted and the greater your planning reliability. Fraunhofer IPA will be happy to assist you with the application process.


Our range of services

Our experts in the Department of Electroplating make a comprehensive analysis of alternative substances (AoA) for you. This is because hard chrome layers have over 30 different properties that could be decisive to the success of a product. These layers are created from electrolytes that contain hexavalent chromium compounds which, since September 2017, can only be used if an application for authorization has been submitted. By determining these properties for you, our electroplating experts can help you identify REACH-compliant alternatives or prove the compelling need for chromium VI for your factory. The application for authorization must also include a substitution plan showing why potential chromium VI alternatives are not yet ready for use. The duration of the authorization granted depends on the development time as well as the time required to introduce the alternative substance into the production process.

  • In a first step, we make a quantifiable analysis of the surface layer and process properties relevant for your products. We then go on to derive possible alternative surface technologies and assess their potential for use in the application in question.

    • We realize new plating technologies - if we can derive an alternative or substitution option to conventional chrome plating, we help you implement it.
    • Developing a chrome plating plant technology suitable for authorization - if no substitution possibility exists, we will devise specific measures for you so that your chrome plating plant technology can be authorized.
  • We develop a R+D plan for the development and implementation of a chromium VI alternative as required by ECHA.

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