Visualizing the Strategic Factory Vision

© Emir Cuk, Fraunhofer IPA

The results of factory planning projects are complex: factory targets are readjusted, processes are radically changed so that production can be digitized, basic elements of lean production are introduced more consistently, and factory layouts and intralogistics are restructured.

When a new factory is built or the production process is digitized, the focus is always on profitability, targets, milestones, potential, quality, and complexity.

The project team itself is knows exactly what was achieved over the last few weeks and is looking forward to the changes. The objectives and respective measures are clear. But how do you communicate the results of such complex projects and strategic realignments to the people concerned in a clear and emotionally convincing way? How can you get the top management involved and gain the support of the entire workforce for the project?

Obviously: visual storytelling makes the factory vision understandable and clarifies the realigned production strategy.


Concept maps

In strategically relevant projects, concept maps developed using the methods of visual facilitation or graphic recording are very helpful to visualize project results based on the rules of design and storytelling.

A good map illustrates the essence of a project in several dimensions. Just like with a project plan, the order is clear: What will happen first? Where are we headed? Thanks to arrows, different colors and the way the map is set out, targets and dependencies are also intuitively clearly depicted: Who is working with whom? Why are we actually doing this?

Besides the quantitative facts, the concept map is primarily about conveying emotions and the vision. Just like in a good story, decisions can be communicated much better through emotions: What is our vision? Why do we want to go there? The map offers enough freedom to imagine the path yourself and to add your own ideas - a prerequisite for taking the initiative.

From the idea to the image

But how is such a map created? We always develop the map in collaboration with you. The three typical steps are:

  • Determine the goal and basic structure: Which project results are particularly important? Who is the map intended for? Which points are key to ensuring that the map is communicated successfully?
  • Integrate stories: we incorporate familiar signs and symbols used by your company, linking up words with images.
  • Accentuate: the first rough draft is already made during the workshop. We then add the details at Fraunhofer IPA. In a final step we put the finishing touches on it with you.


Visualizing the strategic factory vision gives you the following advantages:

  • Vivid and comprehensible visualization of the individual steps and correlations on the path to success
  • New concepts and strategic projects are conveyed to employees and outsiders effectively and in an emotionally convincing way
  • Participative design of a common image of the vision

Do you have a complex factory planning, value stream or digitization project and need a story to match the corresponding factory vision?

We would be delighted to provide professional assistance with the project and develop an appropriate communication medium.