Energy Monitoring

Today’s office buildings and production facilities contain numerous devices that consume energy. However, as a rule, little is known about the amount of energy – especially electricity – that is required at which time by which device or which manufacturing process. Energy providers often send bills to their customers for the amount of energy consumed at regular intervals without the possibility of categorizing the causers of the energy consumed.

One solution to this deficit is to use energy-monitoring systems. These analyze the so-called consumption profile, i.e. the amount of energy that can be obtained from the energy supplier in quarter-hourly increments. From this information, specific peak and base consumption rates as well as periodic occurrences can be identified and in some cases related to production processes on the basis of the time characteristics.

Fraunhofer IPA can help you analyze your energy consumption structure more accurately and identify possible main consumers. By using mobile measuring technology, individual consumers or areas can be examined in more detail. We then advise you about the type of continuous energy monitoring system you need. In principle, such a system enables you to constantly record the consumption of different types of energy – including electricity, water, gas, steam, etc.

A number of points need to be considered when installing an energy monitoring system: suitable measuring sites and sensors, an appropriate bus system as well as the necessary software for archiving, visualizing and analyzing the data. Although these depend mainly on customer needs and demands, mid-term planning also has to be taken into account.

We would be happy to advise and assist you with any queries you may have about the various phases of energy monitoring.