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Bonded composite circular saw blade

Innovative bonding technology promises to play an important role in lightweight engineering. One of the main attributes is the ability to join different materials reliably to one another. This creates considerable advantages over conventional joining methods. Especially with the increasing diversity of materials and the use of multi-material components, suitable joining techniques are becoming more and more important.

However, the properties of bonded joins differ from those of other types of join. Processing steps and also surface pre-treatment must be precisely adapted to the application. The changing requirements of bonded joins also need to be considered from a design point of view.

The Department of Lightweight Construction Technologies at Fraunhofer IPA is developing solutions to this problem and is striving to further integrate adhesive bonding technologies in the machinery and equipment industry in order to open up new areas of application in this field. Since lightweight engineering is also gaining ground in this area, the innovative joining technology can be used in a supporting role.


We can help you

  • choose suitable adhesives as well as surface treatments based on your requirements
  • analyze your bonded joins through experiments and metrological tests, also in the event of damage or quality defects
  • develop a process sequence
  • select suitable automation components, e.g. dispensing systems