Parametric optimization and parameter studies


Weight reduction, energy and resource efficiency, new multi-material systems and joining technologies are also becoming more important in the machinery and equipment industry. At the same time, development cycles in this field of industry are becoming ever-shorter. Therefore, machine and equipment manufacturers need to evaluate an increasing number of product variations early on in the design phase. A systematic, virtual CAE development process can be used for this.

CAE-based methods can be applied in several different ways to develop manufacturing equipment. In the Department of Lightweight Construction Technologies, we consistently implement these methods in the virtual product development process to pinpoint optimization potentials swiftly and effectively.

Based on existing finite element models, sensitivity studies can supply valuable information on the ad- and disadvantages of specific design features. Parametric sensitivity analyses serve to identify relevant variables as well as to pinpoint optimization potentials. The results enable measures for improving structural and dynamic properties to be derived and parameters optimized. This information is gained by carrying out parametric analyses on different versions of the model. Parameters are optimized on the basis of parameterized computation models. Examples of parameters include material or geometric data. Specific parameters are then combined with one another and varied until a defined optimization criterion is reached (stresses, displacements, etc.). This results in an optimum design (parameter configurations) and in an optimization of the structure of machinery, equipment and related components. The aim is to find the ideal solution for a design task and thus increase a product’s competitive edge. The Department of Lightweight Construction Technologies implements the latest CAE tools and has extensive optimization expertise. Even where requirements conflict with one another, we still develop the best-possible design solution for you.