Lightweight Design

The primary requirement of a structure made from lightweight materials is functionality. Stress levels must be kept within given limits and demands for rigidity, robustness, dynamic flexibility, resistance to temperature and durability must be fulfilled. Lightweight structures have to be capable of all this and have an optimum weight at the same.

In order to meet the functional requirements of components as well as optimize their weight, certain challenges need to be overcome which are often associated with extensive additional design and financial efforts. Despite this, the advantages of using lightweight materials and concepts in production equipment outweigh the disadvantages, particularly due to the fact that technological characteristics can be improved.

For example, the dynamics of moving components in manufacturing machines, assembly systems and other production aids can be enhanced by reducing their weight. This not only improves performance but also lowers energy consumption. Additionally, by implementing fiber composites, system damping and thermal properties are improved as well as the overall efficiency of manufacturing equipment.


Design of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

In applications where conventional materials reach their limits as far as robustness and rigidity are concerned, fiber composites may prove to be an interesting alternative. We have an in-depth understanding of this material.


FEM Simulation

We use simulations to design and optimize components and systems in the fields of mechanical, plant and equipment engineering. In this way, we generate optimized product characteristics during the design phase of a development process.


Construction Methods

We systematically analyze and identify the potentials of lightweight construction for machines, devices and equipment with the aim of reducing weight and costs while improving rigidity and damping.


Parametric Optimization

By using parameterized CAD models and varying their parameters, we improve the structural, dynamic and economic attributes of a structure during the design phase of a development process.


Topology Optimization

We use a simulation tool in the development process to work on suggestions for preliminary component designs during the conception process.