Quality Assessment and Process Quality

Germany is recognized as a country with excellent manufacturing know-how. It is capable of producing complex products fulfilling the highest quality standards. Advances are continuously being made in production control to maintain these high standards. However, the term “quality” cannot always be accurately defined, especially in cases where influencing factors are not fully understood or subjective quality aspects need to be taken into account.

The Department of Lightweight Construction Technologies at Fraunhofer IPA develops solutions for the acquisition and documentation of quality data that are specially tailored to customer requirements.


  • Specification of quality requirements and definition of quality as demanded by the customer,
  • Analysis of process steps with an impact on quality and identification of influencing factors,
  • Development of concepts for the automated acquisition of quality data using the latest and most appropriate technologies and methods available,
  • Interlinking of sensors, including their integration into existing manufacturing systems,
  • Data capture and analysis,
  • Development of software for signal acquisition and data analysis as well as for the documentation and archiving of measurement and test data.